Speaker Biography

Antonina Getsman

Head doctor in Private dental

Title: Modern Pediatric dentistry : The way from past to future

 Antonina Getsman

Head doctor in one of the Private dental clinics Dental Fantasy, Russia, Moscow. Works with children from the earliest childhood to teenagers (from infancy to adolescence). Uses operative microscope in daily practice since 2008.Clinical and scientific activity.Her publications focus on dental treatment in children of different age groups  by means of modern  technologies (for example, rubberdam (for kids), operative microscope, root canal treatment, crowns, conscious sedation, behavioural management e.t.c.) and preventive care (hygiene, preventive programs for kinds with primary and permanent teeth).The author of a training course for pedodontists: "Dental treatment for children - myth or reality ". Speaker of the educational centre Medical Consulting Group, Russia.


Today pedodontists face with not an easy task. It is necessary to keep children's dental health, for decrease of the development of caries risks and progressing oral diseases. The second important goal is  improvement of quality of life (functional and esthetic aspects are important). It is known that children's carious lesions appear at more young age (if compare prevalence with the period of five and, even, three-year ago). In light of this, pedodontists need to increasing their skills (both in non-medical and medical behaviour management, and routine dental manipulations). By the same token, parents of our patients want to get treatments without any stress for kids and with the most successful late fate for teeth. All abovementioned dictates requirements to the modern Paediatric practice. We understand that the dental clinic for kids nowadays has to provide treatment for patients from 0 to 18 years, has to use safety sedation and a high quality general anaesthesia, staff have to use communication  technicians (during conversation with children and parents). Treatment of primary teeth has to be done only once and be sufficient before eruption of permanent teeth. Treatment of the immature teeth has to rely on the principles of minimum invasive dentistry.

During the lecture I will answer 4 important questions:

1) How modern pediatric clinic looks like? (design, work conditions and patient’s logistics)

2) Which kind of modern technologies shall we use in daily practice? (composite restoration, rubber dam isolation, pulpitis treatment per one visit, crowns for kids, microscope as a daily technology)

3) Everything new is well-forgotten old: What we need for successful routine work? (choice, decision, plan)

4) Are children agree with us? Dental world by children’s impression (few words about behaviour management)